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Alessandro Avezza
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"I want to say thank you to all of you for these days!

They were very very exciting and beautiful with this super group.

I hope to see you in others experience like this!

Thanks a lot to all of you again! 


Ilaria from Italy (Model - Discover Valencia I)

"This weekend we completed Discover Valencia, where over 20 photographers from different nationalities met thanks to Let me Italian You to explore the city of Valencia! I really enjoyed being invited as a model, as I got to work with people of very different mindsets and backgrounds during the workshops. I wanted to thank you all for being so welcoming and open. It has been great to meet you all one by one and I hope to see you soon in further projects. I can’t wait for the next adventure! Grazie mille!"


Patricia from Spain (Model - Discover Valencia I)

"Wonderful experience! I enjoyed every single moment. . We shared unforgettable moments together, and I already miss you! I would really love to repeat it in another country!"

Valentina said.


What our participants said about their experiences in Discover Valencia

"Hey, me and Ugnius want to thank everyone for this lovely experience and we cherish every single memory. Once again thank you all so much!"

Urte and Ugnius from Lithuania (Discover Valencia I)

"Hola chicos!

Thank you very much at all for these days spent together,

it was a great pleasure to meet you. I just uploaded all the frames with our memories to the cloud of my mind, I kept the originals without post produces.

I wish you a great evolution as photographers and

talently people in every field where you have a passion."


Angela from Italy (Discover Valencia I)

"I’m still in Valencia

but I’d like to thank everyone for this wonderful experience too!

I’m very curious about all of your pictures

and I hope we’ll stay in touch!"


Lieke from Netherlands (Discover Valencia I)

"Hi guys, an hour ago I returned to my Turin in Italy. I quoted to thank the twins Gabri and Massi who welcomed me for the third time in this beautiful experience. But above all thanks to all of you for the great friendship born in these days. We hope to see you all as soon as possible. Good continuation to all of you who are still in Valencia!"

Alessandro from Italy (Discover Valencia I)

"Hi guys!! I arrived at Bari airport.

Thanks to all of you for these days, for your smiles and the beautiful experience.

I'll remember all the times spent together with every one of you.

See you next time... maybe around the world."


Francesco from Italy (Discover Valencia I)

"Well now seems a perfect time to say goodbye.

It was a pleasure knowing you guys, thanks to Gabri and Massi for everything.  It has been perfect again! And don’t forget to write if you visit Portugal! Besos guapos!"


Jessica from Portugal (Discover Valencia I)


"Thanks a lot to you all!!! It was a very good experience!

Me and Ilaria will waiting for next trip and

we hope that we can partecipate to meet you all again!"


Stefania from Italy (Discover Valencia I)

"Hello everyone! I just returned to my home, in A Coruña and now I can breathe without melting. It was a pleasure to share this great experience with all of you, and I hope to see you again. I'm sorry I couldn't say goodbye in person to everyone, but if you come in any time to Galicia (or Spain, in general), don't doubt to write me! Once again, thank you so much to you for this opportunity, was a great experience, and I really need it; in just 5 days, I feel totally renewed and filled with very good memories!! I'm glad that you also enjoyed my participation! See you soon, guys, I love you too. Have a good trip and best of luck in the future! Gracias por todo!"


Marta from Spain (Discover Valencia I)

"Hey guys! I am going to the airport now. Thank you for everything! I was missing all of this!Have a safe journey back home to all of you!"

Andreia from Portugal (Discover Valencia I)

"I attended Discover Valencia 22 and it was my first experience with Let me Italian You, and my first time in Valencia! It was a very good and challenging experience.

I visited beautiful places and practiced my photography with professionals.

I met great people who became my friends. The memories of this experience will be always with me! I want to say thank you to Gabriele and Massimiliano, they have been always available. I am glad I took this trip, I can’t wait for the next journey!

Thank you!"


Roberto from Italy (Discover Valencia I)

"Visiting Valencia was such a beautiful experience. If you have not been there, you should really go. The city with  cultural history and wonderful buildings mixed with street art and cosy restaurants are totally worth it. Thank you LetMeItalianYou for that experience. So much more I wanted to see and photograph, hope I will be there one day again."

Liis from Estonia (Discover Valencia I)

"Wonderful experience! I attended the first edition of “Discover Valencia” and I enjoyed every single moment. Massi and Gabri thought about anything that could make us feel comfortable with their kindness and professionalism.

Also I would like to thank each one of you for being part of this wonderful and crazy group. We shared unforgettable moments together, and I already miss you!

I would really love to repeat it in another country, maybe next year. Thank you!"


Valentina from Italy (Discover Valencia I)

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