1st edition

"Ci sono viaggi che si fanno con un unico bagaglio: il cuore. Sono arrivata al mio 5 viaggio con Let me Italian You, ogni volta è un'emozione diversa ma con un unica garanzia; al ritorno il bagaglio cuore sarà stracolmo. Si dice che chi viaggia senza incontrare l'altro, non viaggia ma si sposta, non c'è cosa più vera. Scoprire le città più belle d'Europa con Massi e Gabri e Let me Italian you è entrare in una famiglia che ogni volta è diversa ma i cui membri parlano la stessa lingua fatta di passione, avventura, curiosità e professionalità. Alcuni membri di questa famiglia li perderai al ritorno ma molti altri li ritroverai in altre avventure, li amerai e ti mancheranno. Copenaghen, Budapest, Cracovia, Lisbona, Barcellona non sono state solo mete per me ma elisir per l'anima. Grazie ragazzi e alla prossima avventura."


Guendalina from Italy (Discover Copenhagen I)

"Took part in the first edition of Discover Copenhagen. This discover event was my third one (took part in Krakow and Lisbon) so I knew the deal and knew what to except. What I love about this photo trips, is that you just go there to take photos, learn about photography and to see how other people shoot their photos of the same thing and usually from the same places. Seeing how other people see and take their photos was truly eye opening for me and has thought me a lot. However, the best thing about these events are the people who take part in them. Meeting old and new friends with the same ambition and passion is what make these trips stand out. This discover was also different from the previous ones, because of Mona, our “full time” guide and teacher. She was awesome and had a lot of tips and tricks to teach us all. She is also a great person and an excellent photographer. Thank you Massi&Gabi for organizing these amazing adventures. We will meet again. Cheers"


Oscar from Finland (Discover Copenhagen I)

"A visit to Copenhagen is an amazing city to travel to. I'll never stop suggest these  projects to anyone who is passionate about photograpy and need to improve their skills", Agata said. 


What our participants said about their experiences in Discover Copenhagen



"Sharing your passion with others is great. You can spend all the days on it, talk about it, visit places, eat and drink and still enjoy being together. It was my 3rd time with LetmeItalianYou project, this time- in Copenhagen. It was great to spend all days with people doing the same things- just exploring interesting places for photos… It's so unique in our everyday, ordinary life... So, where will be 4th time?"


Magda from Poland (Discover Copenhagen I)

"Copenhagen is a city full of innovations, where there is a non-European air (even if it is).Every corner is often a colorful surprise, surrounded by a silentness out of the way (even at peak times).Participating in a first edition of a "Discover" is an experience to do, because it is a novelty in the novelty: for the twins it was the first time in Copenhagen but my fourth time in a "Discover" but, as I imagined, it went all right, they are always a guarantee! Are there other things to tell? Nothing, just go in Copenaghen!"


Ugo from Italy (Discover Copenhagen I)

"Travelling with LetMeItalianYou is always a different experience. The people you'll meet in each travel are completely different to one another, and this is what makes these projects so amazing. Discover Copenhagen was exactly like this: a completely new experience that made me grow as a photographer and as a person. During this project I made a huge step forward with my photography skills, thanks to the awesome workshops with Mona Eendra, who gave us new suggestions and new ideas, but also, thanks to the people who join this project with me. It's always amazing sharing thoughts with other photographers who have different styles, points of view and experience. Plus, Copenhagen is an amazing city to travel to. I will never stop suggest these projects to anyone who is passionate about photography and need to improve their skills, because you'll never stop learning."


Agata from Italy (Discover Copenhagen I)

"It's a great pleasure to join with Let Me Italian You First Edition of Discover Copenhagen, after Krakow Christmas Edition and Barcelona Ready-to-spring Edition. Every place has their own story and it becomes as a magic panorama when we look around with our camera and amazing Let Me Italian You team."


Yuu from Korea (Discover Copenhagen I)

"Discover Copenaghen I è stato un progetto molto interessante, la città era nuova, il gruppo era nuovo e pieno di persone talentuose e con voglia di fare E' stato un progetto super-interessante dove, come al solito, ho fatto delle amicize molto belle lavorare insieme agli altri mi ha aiutato ad aprire la mente, visitare Copenaghen è stato bellissimo. Consiglio a tutti di partire almeno una volta nella vita con Let Me Italian You!"


Riccardo from Italy (Discover Copenhagen I)

"One year ago I had the opportunity to become part of the Let Me Italian You family. Partecipating in Discover Kraków X I had the chance not only to improve my photography skills and discover a magic city, but also to meet amazing souls from all over the world. Thanks to the extremely positive experience of Discover Kraków, about a month ago I applied for Discover Copenhagen I. Needless to say that it was an other incredible adventure! A travel that help personal and professional growth, but also full of fun!"


Matilde from Italy (Discover Copenhagen I)

"Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to live this trip with you. As always, very well organized, and it has allowed me to improve both on a personal and photographic level. Also, in each of these trips you have the opportunity to meet wonderful people you will never forget. Of course, it's an experience that I would recommend to everyone. Again, thank you very much!!"


Marta from Spain (Discover Copenhagen I)

"Afer the experience to Discover Copenhagen I can say that I am very enthusiast, bot as experience as a city. The city is breathtaking and I came back home very satisfied of the new people I met and for the knowledges learnt during the lessons. It was my second experience with Let me Italian you and I can say that it is worth!"


Marta from Italy (Discover Copenhagen I)

"Discover Copenhagen was a lovely experience with a bunch of nice people passionate about photography. What I especially love about Workshops organized by Let Me Italian you is the possibility to try a lot of different kinds of photography, the kinds what Im normally not interested about. And normally during the shooting I start to love it . And the fact Im between so many creative individuals makes me to push my limits further."


Martina from Slovakia (Discover Copenhagen I)

"Dopo le bellisime Cracovia, Barcellona e Marrakech ho deciso di intraprendere un'altra meta a me sconosciuta con i ragazzi di let me italian you a Copenhagen,che dire...altra fantastica e indimenticabile esperienza con delle persone eccezionali in cui si aggiunge la conoscenza di altre splendide persone e il legame con amicizie sempre più forti e durature! A presto ragazzi!"


Antonello from Italy (Discover Copenhagen I)

"I've joined twins for 2 discovery in the row (Copenhagen and Lisbon III) and I need to admit that both of them were amazing experiences! I’ve met passionate people, explore 2 amazing cities and I’ve noticed that with each and every day I was taking better pictures. If you need time away from your normal life and hang out with positive people, attend photography workshop, improve your skills, need some inspiration and want to have fun doing all of that - discovery with Let me Italian you is what you need! 
Massi and Gabri - thank you for making it happened!"


Monika from Poland (Discover Copenhagen I)

"At this point the trips with Let me Italian you are something that I must do it at least once per year, also and most of all to meet fantastic people that I have met during all these editions. At every trip the friendships become stronger! In Copenhagne I found the workshops really interesting and I had the opportunity to improve my skills. What else to say if not "until the next time" 


Cecilia from Italy (Discover Copenhagen I)

"Discover Copenhagen was a fantastic adventure that brought together many beautiful people with the same passion in a beautiful and very interesting photographic city. A special thanks certainly goes to the sweet Mona who accompanied us professionally and friendly on this journey and especially to Gabriele and Massimiliano who gave me the opportunity to one of the most beautiful photographic experiences of my life."


Sonia from Italy (Discover Copenhagen I)



"Discover Copenhagen was for me the 5th experience with Letmeitalianyou and, as usual, this has been such an amazing journey ! The organization was perfect ! We visit the super beautiful city and we had three workshop with a special sweet young lady, Mona; she was so kind and prepared both in explaining about the city, that in talking about photography. Also the accomodation was very nice; for me it was the first time staying in a hostel, but I have to say that the choice of Generator Hostel was perfect ! Need to read something more? Of course I will join again Letmeitalianyou very soon for the 6th Discover!"


Vanessa from Italy (Discover Copenhagen I)

"Discover Copenaghen was a fantastic experience, hard to forget. I had the opportunity to learn a lot thanks to the workshops and my travelmates. It was also the opportunity to meet new people, new stories and challenge myself. The organization was perfect from Gabriele and Massimiliano, so I recommend to everyone to participate and I hope to join them again as soon as possible"


Antonio from Italy (Discover Copenhagen I)

"Ed eccomi giunta al 4 progetto. Quando mi hanno detto la metà mi si sono illuminati gli occhi, finalmente riuscivo a visitare una città del nord: Copenaghen! E non ha per nulla deluso le mie aspettative! Una città stupenda, si respirava un'aria di tranquillità assoluta nonostante sia una grande città. Anche a questo Discover ho conosciuto persone fantastiche e ho avuto la possibilità di rincontrare persone conosciute negli altri progetti! Grazie ai tour ho conosciuto un po' della sua storia e nei momenti liberi ho avuto l'opportunità di visitare la città ancora meglio, facendo chilometri e chilometri a piedi ma potendo così godermela al meglio! Ma il meglio di tutto resterà il giro in barca e penso che nessuno si dimenticherà di noi! Anche a questo giro non avete per niente deluso le mie aspettative continuate così, avrete sempre il mio appoggio! Grazie a voi nel mio piccolo riesco andare alla scoperta di nuove città! Ho lasciato un altro pezzo del mio cuore in questa città."


Martina from Italy (Discover Copenhagen I)


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