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Who can apply?

All photography lovers. It is not required a professional level.

How can I apply?

 In order to select the most suitable profiles, candidates have to send: CV + Portfolio with 5 photos, that better show your photography style.

To apply, send an email to: &

Only 20 places available     

   Currently available: 5



For info about the price, please send us an email.




DATES: from 4th  to 7th March 2021

WHERE: Budapest, Hungary


  • Accomodation in Budapest at Wombat's City Hostel
  • Breakfast & Private Bathroom
  • Guided Tours of Budapest in English 
  • 3 Photography Workshops
  • 1 Shooting with models
  • International Attendance Certificate
  • 2 Team Leaders



  • Learn to work in an international team.
  • Workshop "Portrait Photography" lead by Iveta Kulhava
  • Workshop "Urban Photography" lead by Iveta Kulhava
  • Workshop  "Life-style Food Photography" lead by Iveta Kulhava
  • Workshop "Fashion Photography" lead by Adrienn Örkényi
  • Shooting with local models
  • 20 photos published by Let me Italian you
  • International Contest
  • Award by National Geographic Hungary
  • International Visibility
  • International Experience
Gruppo Foto Budapest
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Roberta Carucci
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Partners of


After the great success of the seven previous editions, Let me Italian you is proudly ready to launch the octave and exclusive edition of DISCOVER BUDAPEST

European Best Destinations 2019! Thousands of you from all over the world have voted for Budapest as the best European destination 2019. The capital of Hungary is number one on your travel bucket list. Budapest offers the elegance of Paris, the architectural heritage of Vienna, the charm of Porto, Stockholm’s gentle way of life.

Read the article written by National Geographic Hungary about it:

DISCOVER BUDAPEST is an innovative project with a purpose to make the participants have a professional experience for those who love photography and video making

The main goal of the project is to valorise and promote the magic city of Budapest,Hungary, trough photos, reportage, videos made by photographers (amateurs and not) from different places of the world. DISCOVER BUDAPEST wants to enrich the professional and academic path of the photographer, moreover it wants to enrich their portfolio.

DISCOVER BUDAPEST is supported by Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest.

The tour of the Old Town is organized in collaboration with Zsuzsanna, a local guide, who knows all the sights of Budapest and will take you on a guided tour. Furthermore, agenda will be enriched with the visit of the most beautiful sites:  Heroes Square,  Fisherman's Bastion, Vajdahunyad Castle, Buda Castle.

In order to improve the participants’ professional and academic skills, there will be  four workshops :

  1. Workshop "Lifestyle - Food Photography organized by Iveta Kulhava
  2. Workshop "Fashion Photography " lead by  Adrienn Örkényi  in a professional studio
  3. Workshop "Portrait Photography" organized by Iveta Kulhava
  4. Workshop "Urban Photography" organized by Iveta Kulhava


Further, there will be an Outdoor Shooting  with local models in the stunning location of the Fisherman's Bastion.

Exclusively for this edition, we are going to have as the main photographer teacher: the photographer Iveta Kulhava will support the participant during all the days of the projects.  She will offer full time availability if someone has questions or need close attention.  Iveta is a professional photographer based in Prague.


How is DISCOVER BUDAPEST - Special Edition organized and what is its output?

The role of the participant is to take photos of Budapest’s beauties during each guided tours. You will work alone or in pairs (your fellow could be one your friend). The project lasts 4 days. 

Here you are the agenda:

Thursday 4 March

09:30 – 10:00 Opening & Welcoming to Discover Budapest

10:00 – 12:00 Old Town Budapest Visit with Zsuzsanna 

15:00 – 17:30  Worshop "Lifestyle-food Photography" lead by Iveta Kulhava

Friday 5 March

10:00 – 12:30  Workshop "Fashion Photography​" with Adrienn Örkényi 

15:00 - 17:30  Workshop "Urban Photography" with Iveta Kulhava    

Saturday 6 March

10:00 – 12:00 Outdoor Shooting with local models at the Fisherman's Bastion

15:00 – 17:00  Worshop "Portrait Photography" lead by Iveta Kulhava  

Sunday  7 March

10:00 – 12:30  Visit of Heroes Square, Vajdahunyad Castle with Zsuzsanna 

12:30 – 13:00  Issue of Attendance certificates and Good bye


At the end of the project, each participant shall receive an Attendance certificates signed by the Let me Italian you team and all its partners: Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest,  Iveta Kulhava,Adrienn Örkényi.

Plus, in order to bring more visibility to the work done during the project, each participant will submit 20 photos with their credits to Let me Italian you and will be published by our official Instagram account @letmeitalianyou and Flickr account Let me Italian you.








Hi, my name is Antonello! I've partecipated in Discover Krakow 7, Discover Barcelona 5, Discover Marrakech 1, Discover Krakow 12 and Discover Copenhagen 1.

I was born in a small village in the province of Oristano in Sardinia in 1977. I begin to passionate about photography for 25 years with the first compact then with time to arrive at the reflection world and the first courses with affirmed photographers t World Level as Simone Sbaraglia, with whom I have courses of various levels.

Lovers of landscape and naturalism but do not disdain all other photographic genres knowing that each of them is a source of personal comparison and improvement.


Hi, my name is Roberta!

That's my fourth times with Let me Italian you: I've partecipated in Discover Marrakech 4, Discover Lisbon 4, and Discover Krakow 14 and now I'm looking forward for Discover Budapest - Christmas Edition.



more are coming soon...




my name is Silvia. I'm 19 from Rome and I study Cinema and New Media at University.

I love photography, writing and traveling, and I hope this will be my future.

I've participated in Discover Lisbon 3 and Discover Sicily 5.


My name is Carl-Martin, i'm from little country called Estonia, I have taken pictures as a hobby almost 3 years. i like to photograph almost everything, with photography, I like the opportunity to capture a moment that is lost forever and impossible to repeat.




I am from the US now living in EU now and I am very excited to see as much as I can.

I love cinema and photography with all my heart and i strive to get better everyday.

I really enjoy trying new food and seeing the city life.

I love seeing all sorts of people and getting to know cultures.


Hi everyone,

I’m Roberta and I live in Castiglione del Lago, a small village in Umbria, in the center of Italy.

I am 20 years old and I‘m studing languages at University.

I really love photography, nature and travel.



Hello everyone!
My name is Anastasia, I'm 20 years old and I live in a small town near Turin. I work with children in a structure, while two years ago I discovered my passion for photography during a trip from Barcelona.
I like to capture moments of everyday life, and tell what i see photographing and writing poems. This is the first time that I will participate at Let me Italian you.
I cant' wait to learn new techniques and discover new cultures!




my name is Aneta and I’m from Poland.

When I was 13 years old I received my first camera and it was the  beginning of one of my greatest passions. I love books, travels and photography. I try to practice different one but my favourite is portrait. I like to catch emotions which describe ourselves. Many of us often think that you have to be typical beauty to have nice picture. I like to show it’s not true. I know I still need to learn a lot but it gives me a lot of fun.

It’s the first time when I participate in this project and I can’t wait for this new experience.


Hi, I am Yaana from Bangladesh and living in Berlin.

I did my masters in fashion design. I have been interested in photography since I was a teenager. My passion for photography extended when I started traveling. Until now I only took pictures with my phone and I got complemented countless time for it.

With all the inspiration I got from my family and friends, I am looking forward to explore this field more in future.

This is the first time I am doing this project with Let me Italiana you and I am eagerly waiting for all the new things they have to offer.

Hi everyone,
I’m Valentina and I live in a small village near Garda lake, in Italy. I’m in love with photography since I was 13 and 5 years ago, during a trip, I decided it would become my job.

I have many other artistic passions: my friends call me “creative explosion”.

Can’t wait to meet you and start this new experience together.

See you soon!!!


My name is Federico and I'm from Milan. I am graduated in Environmental Sciences and now I work as a researcher. I have a passion for travels and photography, I like art, nature and landscapes.
I consider photography as a mean to catch life instants that remain forever. Costantly looking for new experiences and friendships.
I participeted to Discover Krakow IX and Discover Lisbon II.



Hello Photographers!

I'm Alice, best known as Alisia on social media.


I'm from Tenerife but I'm currently based in Berlin. It goes without saying that, I'm beyond excited to join this beautiful experience and meet you all!


Photography has been in my life for a long time and I love sharing this passion with others.  This is my first time participating and I feel like it won't be the last :)



Hi,I’m Anna, I’m 32, I’m born in Austria to a Czech mother and an Austrian father, I’m wife to a Mexican-American husband and we have a 1,5-year-old daughter whom is growing up with 4 languages. Yes, super international, transcultural, multilingual.Being creative in the visual field is one of my favourite things to do since always! For me the used medium is more of a means to an end - creating something beautiful. Another of my favourite things to do is to connect with likeminded people and inspire each other. I’ve studies in the field of A/V media engineering and am discovering photography alongside graphic design right now. So far I’ve enjoyed product photography the most and am super excited to test out more genres together with all of you.My husband and daughter will be joining me for this journey and I’m so grateful for all the support to be able to take part


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