"This project was such a great experience! Massimiliano and Gabriele are like an angels - smilling all the time:) I have a lot of fun, learnt a lot and explored beautiful places in Sicily. I can't wait for next edition! Many happy people curious abot photography all together."

Marta (Discover Sicily I)


"I can officially say that it was one of the best experiences of my life! I spent 4 amazing days in the beautiful Sicily, sharing my passion for photography with a lovely group of people from all over the world." Ileana said.


What our participants said about their experiences in Discover Sicily



"It was a great experience to participate to LetMeItalianYou project Sicily, I met a lot of nice people with the same hobby: The photography, I learned a lot with them.

The discovery of the Sicily was great, I really enjoyed the food and the landscapes of the island during this project. Thanks to Massi and Gabri for their attitude, relax and cool :) See u !!"

Benjamin (Discover Sicily I)

"Discover Sicily was an amazing project - a celebration of sicilian life under the passionate guidance of Gabriele and Massimiliano.

I enjoyed the variation in activities, workshops, visiting charming places and opportunity to meet talented and amazing companions. I learnt a lot, gained inspirations and beautiful memories.

Thank you very much Gabri and Massi!"

Ludmiła (Discover Sicily I)

"It was an amaizing meeting of people with passion for photography, funny and interesting. It was a great time, there was laughter, tears and .... sweat ;) I found there lots of interesting places where I could get lost in the serach of inspiration. Gabriele and Massimiliano where handleing it very well, appreciateing my uniqueness! I'm very gratefull for that! See you next time, wherever on Earth!"

Basia (Discover Sicily I)

"Discover Sicily was an amazing time full of adventure. I had a chance to meet fantastic people and see beautiful places.

Massi and Gabri are wonderful people who had organized everything on point, showed us the real Sicily and made this event unforgettable.

Thank you twins!"

Katarzyna (Discover Sicily I)

"I participated in first edition of Discover Sicily and workshops of Let Me Italian You are an amazing experience, where most of all you can meet great people with the same passion for photography.

Although I am a fresh photographer, my friend encouraged me to participate, based on her experience from workshop in Barcelona. Sicily was challenging to photograph, not to mention 10 km hike to Etna ;) I especially liked city of Syracuse and photo shoot with a beautiful model.

Thanks to workshops I met amazing people from different countries, each one of them with an interesting life story, adventurous plans for future, travel addicts and passionates of photography.

Because of them I learnt a lot about different points of view, ideas, tips and technical details, which I apprieciate.

Very big thanks to Massi and Gabri for doing what they do, because LMIY is a MUST DO at least once in Your life!" 

Dominika (Discover Sicily I)

"One of the best experiences I've ever made! The organization was great. Every activity was interesting and you weren't able to get bored. It's a wonderful way to meet new people and discover the world. I felt like in a family and I learned so many things about photography. I hope to be able to partecipate again soon in one of the next editions!"
Giacomo (Discover Sicily II)

"Laborious Exciting Tecnological Masterful Excellent Impressive Top Awesome Lovable Intensive Accredited Networked Young Openminded Unbelievable PROJECT!! I could't describe this beautiful experience better, thanks to Gabriele and Massimiliano!"
(Discover Sicily II)

"I can officially say that it was one of the best experiences of my life! I spent 4 amazing days in the beautiful Sicily, sharing my passion for photography with a lovely group of people from all over the world.

Thanks to Yan Pekar for transmitting to us his knowledge with love and patience.

I wanna say thanks also to the twins Massimiliano and Gabriele for being so brilliant and giving me this great opportunity.

I'd love to join a new LetMeItalianYou project someday"

Ileana (Discover Sicily II)

"No matter how beautiful an experience is, there is always an end. "#DiscoverSicily" with #LetMeItalianYou has been one of this kind of experiences, when time flies too fast and you wish you could repeat it all over again. It's not just an opportunity to learn new skills in photography from experienced photographers and discover new places. It's also about making new friends, sharing moments, feelings, open up yourself to new people and new adventures, get out of your comfort zone to challenge your abilities. I had the chance to meet a wonderful group of amazing, interesting people that I won't forget and I will hopefully meet again. Special thanks to Yan Pekar for sharing his knowledge with all of us and to Massimiliano and Gabriele for giving me the chance to take part to this unforgettable adventure and taking care of every detail with such a unique kindness. I especially won't ever forget what we shared while hiking the Etna volcano, it has been "simply" awesome! Thank you so much for making it so special!"
Federica (Discover Sicily II)

"It was an amazing experience in Sicily :) Great organisation by the twins ;), very good atmosphere, interesting classes by Yan (I've learnt many new things)... and of course Sicily deserves to be discover ! Would love to participate to a new program with Let me Italian you !!"

Helene (Discover Sicily II)

"It was an amazing experience to discover beautiful places with beautiful people. Special thanks to the twins for having involved me in this adventure and to Yan for his professional support"

Lorenzo (Discover Sicily II)

"It was my latest best decision and a pleasure to participate in the project Discover Sicily II. I had a wonderful time, met excellent people and learned a lot about photography and Sicilian lifestyle, for which I thank the photographer Yan Pekar, for his lessons and feedback, and the twins, Massimiliano and Gabriele, for making it all happen. The journey thru historical cities, beautiful beaches and the Etna volcano was stunning, remarkable and every step took was to remember. I will definitely return and 'Discover Sicily' more and I highly recommend this project to those with passion for photography and traveling. I would love to see you all again in the future and wander new places along with the team 'Let me Italian you'."
Alexandra (Discover Sicily II)

"I am very glad to have attended this course: I spent 4 amazing days with a lot of new people from all over the world and I really enjoyed myself. The course was accurately organized, I learned a lot of new things and I am satisfied in how Yan Pekar did his job. I am looking forward to doing another discovery programme like this. Thank you very much for this great experience."
Chiara (Discover Sicily II)

"If you would like to gain an exceptionally positive experience I highly recommend that you travel with this "Let Me Italian You" group. Events are superbly organised. Both Gabriele and Massimiliano are 100% genuine and honest. You can spend four days with a world class professional photographer in Yan Pekar. He gave me every help in the world. The event in Sically between the 30th Aug - 3rd Sept 2017 was one of my most enjoyable experiences ever. Also, events are competitively priced and you will be looked after in every respect. I can find no fault with "Let Me Italian You" I highly recommend these once in a lifetime opportunities. Once in a Lifetime - Yesterday I witnessed a live volcano that i would not have otherwise seen. Thank you both so much."

Eamonn (Discover Sicily II)

"Ragazzi, stiamo guardando la pagina Facebook del progetto (sicily2), non ho un account perciò non posso commentare pubblicamente. (È la prima volta che mi dispiace quasi di non essere iscritta a fb, pensate un pò). È stato fantastico mi sono divertita immensamente, ho conosciuto voi e tante persone simpaticissime. Era quello che mi aspettavo, anche meglio! Sarò di nuovo dei vostri, non nell'immediato futuro ma molto presto! Grazie!!!"
Silvia (Discover Sicily II)

"Ciao Gabriele e Massimiliano, ecco le foto di discover Sicily. Non è stato facile anche questa volta, ogni foto un ricordo, ogni ricordo una "lacrimuccia". Un gruppo meraviglioso in una terra stupenda come la Sicilia, vorrei fosse possibile iniziare nuovamente domani. Come al solito la vostra organizzazione ha funzionato alla perfezione nonostante la difficoltà di gestire un gruppo eterogeneo di persone con diverse personalità e caratteri. Grazie mille ancora di tutto. Alla prossima, che spero sia il prima possibile (lavoro permettendo) Un grossissimo abbraccio."

Marco (Discover Sicily II)

"The participation in “Discover Sicily 2” was a unique and unforgettable experience for me. The organizers managed to gather together people with different styles, sharing a common passion for photography.
Visiting beautiful places, joint photography sessions and enjoying the taste of Sicilian life with these great people was a memorable experience.
Cooperation and mutual support were prerequisites for enhancing our photography skills."

Magda (Discover Sicily II)

"In 5 days I have met such as an amazing group of people which I would never though to have so much fun! I took many pictures and visited wonderful places, last but not least I ate so many tasty meals, like ARANCINI (they are the best ever). I shared with these powerful people my and their biggest passion: photography! 
It was beautiful to partecipate at discovery Sicily. Gabriele and Massimiliano, guys, you are awesome!"

Silvia C. (Discover Sicily II)

"Sono appena tornata dal Discover Sicily III…semplicemente bellissimo!! Ho scelto di fare questa esperienza perché adoro la fotografia, e avevo una voglia matta di tornare in Sicilia...bhè, questa era l’occasione perfetta per unire le due cose! Oggi sono a casa e ripensando a quello che è stato…devo dire che i cinque giorni trascorsi, sono stati ben più di questo…non sono stati solo Sicilia e fotografia, ma sono stati persone, nuove amicizie, una compagnia piacevolissima, tante risate…sono stati mare, lunghe passeggiate e panorami mozzafiato…sono stati condivisione di momenti ed esperienze fantastiche che ho messo tutte in valigia e portato via con me. Certe emozioni è difficile descriverle, perché c’è un solo modo per condividerle, viverle! Direi che un grazie particolare va a Gabriele e Massimiliano, i nostri “twins”, che con la loro semplicità e disponibilità rendono possibile tutto questo…a Yan Pekar, che ci ha seguiti e dato ottimi consigli per tutto il viaggio…e a tutti voi, compagni di avventura, che avete completato questo bellissimo puzzle! Spero che capiti presto una nuova occasione di viaggio."
Stefania (Discover Sicily III)

"That was a really amazing experience: the two guys Gabriele and Massimiliano are so friendly and kind with all partecipans; the organization was almost perfect and Yan Pekar was a precius teacher who gave us good advices to take pictures as best as possible in the different wonferful locations. Finally is very nice to know a lot of new friends from all around the world!!! So in a word I say SUPER: I wanna go with them again for another interesting "photographic trip" as soon as possible!!!"

Elisa (Discover Sicily III)

"Che dire ?....semplicemente un’esperienza fantastica!!! Cinque giorni intensi trascorsi nella bellissima Sicilia, con un gruppo di amici un po’ da tutto il mondo, scattando foto ma soprattutto divertendosi!!! Tutto questo grazie a Massimiliano e Gabriele, che con la loro pazienza e gentilezza sono riusciti a rendere speciale questa vacanza, permettendoci di visitare questa meravigliosa terra! E’ ammirevole il progetto che stanno portando avanti e soprattutto il loro impegno e passione!!!! Il valore aggiunto sono state le persone che ho avuto modo di conoscere, ognuna mi ha regalato qualcosa…e spero davvero di ritrovarvi tutti presto!!! Insomma torni da un discover e vuoi subito ripartire!!!!
Ringrazio di cuore Massimiliano e Gabriele anche per la pazienza dimostrata per l’organizzazione “pre-partenza” ….a presto!!!"

Eleonora (Discover Sicily III)

"It was a great experience, I met new people from different nationalities, each of whom was an artist. The group's harmony was like a family, and we were able to see areas in Sicily that were really beautiful and great for photography, and I'm very happy to meet with this group and I will surely accompany them on the next trip. Thanks Gabriele and Massimilano for the wonderful 5 days."

Parisa (Discover Sicily III)

"A beautiful experience recently passed in Sicily, Grabriele and Massimiliano, the organizers, always proved to be available, Yan Pekar, the professional photographer who followed us, has certainly not been left in giving us useful explanations and suggestions. And finally, the company, which, of different origins, fused into a dilute siphon. An experience that personally has surely enriched me. Thanks again to Gabriele Massimiliano and Yan for their work and everyone for the good moments spent together."

Stefano (Discover Sicily III)

" 'Discover Sicily 3' was an amazing and unforgettable experience that mixed two of my big passions: travel and photography. I would like to say a big 'Thank you!' to Massimiliano and Gabriele for the great organization. They managed to gather people from different countries, diverse backgrounds and styles who share a common passion for photography. We visited beautiful places, had joint photography sessions and enjoyed the taste of Sicily. I learned a lot about photography, it was my first time shooting models and really enjoyed the entire experience. Besides the learning process, I met some fantastic and friendly people, who I hope to see in the near future. It trully was a memorable experience and I would love to participate to a new project with 'Let me Italian you' !" Lavinia (Discover Sicily III)

"Io questo progetto lo adoro. Sarà che viaggiare è da sempre la mia prima grande passione (mi sono pure sparata una laurea in cinese pur di muovermi dal paesello... Bei tempi! ), sarà che a 10 anni mio padre mi mise in mano una macchina fotografica e una cinepresa Super 8 (partii per il mio primo viaggio all'estero e le foto di allora sono stampate nella mia memoria... Indelebili); sarà che finalmente ho deciso di dedicare un po' di tempo a me stessa (ad una certa età si comincia a capire qualcosa della vita....), ma
Let me Italian you ha trasformato il mio indice destro in un clickatore seriale compulsivo. Madonna quanto mi piace! Se poi ci si mette un'ottima proposta culturale e fotografica e la possibilità di conoscere e confrontarsi con altre persone appassionate come te, beh torno davvero indietro nel tempo, zaino in spalla e via!! Al prossimo Discover..."

Stefania (Discover Projects III)

"Sono sempre più entusiasta dei Twins e del loro progetto Letmeitalianyou sempre più internazionale, che mi ha permesso di incontrare e conoscere professionisti in gamba e desiderosi di scambiare la propria esperienza personale sulla fotografia . Ottima occasione di crescita personale e di scambio di amicizie che condividono la stessa passione per l'arte della fotografia."

Silvia (Discover Sicily II)

"Ho partecipato al Discover Sicily, e prima ancora al Discover Krakow. A distanza di 6 mesi sono partito alla scoperta di luoghi siciliani di cui ne ignoravo la bellezza. Con i ragazzi di Let me italian you, e workshops guidati da un professionista quale Yan Pekar (maestro eccezionale, umile e sincero), ho avuto modo di conoscere persone in gamba e ho avuto modo di fotografare luoghi e persone che porterò sempre con me.

Thank you Let me Italian you"

Luca (Discover Sicily IV)

"Discover Sicily 4: un'esperienza molto intensa che consiglierei a chiunque voglia visitare e fotografare luoghi stupendi e conoscere persone provenienti da diverse città. Questo viaggio mi ha arricchita molto dal punto di vista umano e professionale: un ringraziamento particolare agli organizzatori Gabriele e Massimiliano per avermi dato l'opportunità di partecipare a uno dei loro progetti e al fotografo Yan Pekar per aver messo a disposizione il suo tempo e la sua professionalità!"

Fabiana (Discover Sicily IV)

"Ho partecipato a Discover Sicily 4, un’esperienza ricca di avventure in posti fantastici e con la conoscenza di splendide persone tra cui gli organizzatori Massimiliano e Gabriele Ragusa e il fotografo Yan Pekar per le sue preziosissime nozioni. Un bellissimo viaggio che consiglierei a tutti!"

Daniele (Discover Sicily IV)

"Deciding to participate to a Let me Italian you's project has probably been one of the best choices that I ever made... it has been an amazing experience, which permitted everybody to improve their photographic skills in a very captivating way. The trip has actually been like a daydream, we had the possibility to see lovely landscapes and feel the magic of the Sicilian atmosphere. For me, this experience has been absolutely amazing, I met a lot of lovely people, and I could feel like at home during the whole project, even founding new friends to share memories and project creating other ones! I actually felt like in a big family and the twins have been amazing, always caring about us and sharing with us a lot of laughs. I absolutely have to thank them to have permitted me to discover the Let me Italian you's world!

See you soon in another Discover"

Alessia (Discover Sicily IV)

"Primo progetto con Let Me Italian You e devo dire che è stata un'esperienza indimenticabile !!! Ho avuto la possibilità di ammirare luoghi meravigliosi, conoscere persone fantastiche, di cui conserverò un bellissimo ricordo ed apprendere nuove tecniche fotografiche. Un ringraziamento particolare ai Twins che sono stati molto disponibili e professionali sia prima della partenza, sia per tutta la durata del progetto."

Alessia (Discover Sicily IV)

"Discover Sicily 4 was the first time I ever photographed strangers and models. As far as I know, taking portraits can easily turn into awkwardness: that’s why I stick to photographing people I have known for a long time. Yan‘s clever practical lectures, however, helped a lot to understand the difference between simply taking pictures of a person and actually collaborating with a model. On the second day, shooting in Syracuse, I think we all experienced a great creative flow, which was only possible because of the positive and conforming atmosphere of our group. It really made all the difference. These few days wasn’t only about travelling and learning (though, those were also great parts) but also about getting small peeks into each other’s world and I really liked what I’ve seen. I’m glad I could be a part of this project and I hope I’ll see you lovely people again! (spoiler: the twins are great at organizing things"

Alexandra (Discover Sicily IV)

"Si è conclusa da pochissimo la mia prima esperienza con Let me Italian you e sono super felice di aver partecipato a Discover Sicily. È stato un viaggio indimenticabile e formativo che mi ha permesso di conoscere persone meravigliose, vedere posti unici e imparare moltissime cose. Come ho già detto a Gabri e Massi, quello che fanno riduce le distanze e unisce le persone. Non vedo l’ora di partecipare ad un altro progetto! Grazie di cuore."

Caterina (Discover Sicily IV)

"Posso dire senza alcuna titubanza che l'esperienza di Let me italian you è stata per me come una boccata d'aria fresca, un respiro di sollievo e gioia nella mia routine di tutti i giorni. È un'esperienza che mi ha regalato positività, voglia di fare, di scoprire e imparare. In soli quattro giorni, non solo ho avuto la possibilità di vedere e capire meglio il mondo della fotografia, ma ho avuto l'occasione di conoscere delle fantastiche persone e creare dei bellissimi legami in un'atmosfera di condivisione, semplicità e curiosità; un'atmosfera resa possibile dalla voglia di fare e dalla positività che caratterizzano Massimiliano e Gabriele, che in tutti e quattro i giorni non hanno mai mancato di essere gentili, disponibili e di ottima compagnia. Consiglio a tutti questo viaggio, in particolare a chi magari riserva qualche paura a lasciarsi andare in nuove esperienze come la sottoscritta."

Laura (Discover Sicily IV)

"Una delle esperienze più belle che abbia mai fatto! Organizzazione perfetta, posti nuovi da visitare ogni giorno, amicizie che si creano, unione di diversi paesi e lingue, risate, divertimento, tutto questo grazie a Let me italian you. Siete una forza insieme Twins! Torno a casa con la gioia nel cuore, felice di aver conosciuto persone meravigliose e speciali come voi e con la consapevolezza che questo è solo un arrivederci!"

Serena (Discover Sicily IV)

"I like an italian word "la porta" (door)  It's like a "portal": the media, which transfers somebody to other place. The picture of the hotel's door will remember me and transfer (in Italian "portare") to the wonderful 4 days in Sicily with amazing team of the amateur photograpers in the project DISCOVER SICILY, organized by Letmeitalianyou. Our project is over only yesterday and I already miss it! "Ciao" in Italian means "hi" and "bye" at the same time. So, ciao my new friends! "

Evelina (Discover Sicily IV)

"Massi e Gabri, siete assolutamente FANTASTICI! Organizzare una cosa del genere è davvero una bella sfida. Grazie a questa esperienza sono potuta migliorare, ho scoperto nuovi posti e ho fatto nuove amicizie importanti. Grazie per l’opportunità che ci avete dato! Assolutamente cinque stelle! Spero di poter venire con voi in qualche altro posto."

Mariagrazia (Discover Sicily IV)

"Thank you again for the amazing experience!!!For me was an opportunity to learn new way of things..I'm sure that I will join another project soon. I met friendly,interesting and positive people with who I will stay in contact.I need to say also that organization was really perfect because I always received great support from "Twins" ! I have inside a lot of emotions that I want to share with everyone! This project give me the opportunity to improve my skills, thanks to Yan Pekar!!!"

Sylvia (Discover Sicily IV)

"Solo 5 stelline? Troppo poco ragazzi ! Esperienza UNICA, organizzazione perfetta, persone speciali . . . ero partita con aspettative molto più basse rispetto alle mille emozioni provate grazie a Let Me Italian You, oggi mi sento più "ricca" di esperienza e di persone ! Come ho detto ieri : Se ad ogni Discovery aspetterò l' aereo del ritorno con la stessa emozione, sensazione e nostalgia, non smetterò più di viaggiare con voi ! Da oggi porterò con me una parte di VOI!"

Agnese (Discover Sicily IV)

"After Discover Sicily Project, I went back home and started to think about all good things that had happened during the project! I couldn't believe that was over! I visited so many beautiful places, met so many wonderful people, learned a lot! I got a lot of memories and inspiration! Twins, you have incredible power to share with other good emotions! Keep doing it! Guys, thank you for being family this time! Hugs!"

 Zlata (Discover Sicily IV)

"Good organization, great way to visit new places and at the same time acquire new skills and photography techniques."

Giuseppe (Discover Sicily V)

"It was my first time participating in something like this and I am glad that I took in this opportunity. It was a great way to visit and learn about Sicily. Very well organized and the twins will help you and answer you every question that you have. Plus these projects are a great way to meeting different people from around the world and getting to know new places. Everyone should Discover at least one city with these guys! See you next time in a new city. "

 Athina (Discover Sicily V)

"It was my first adventure and certainly the first of a long series (I hope). I have learned so much from master Yan, values that cannot be taught like friendship, the solidarity that the whole group has shown me, I have understood that despite my physical limitations, I can achieve unthinkable things for my legs. I met wonderful people, I was sad when it all ended. However, I am happy to have participated, I will always thank Massimiliano and Gabriele for giving me the opportunity to grow again. I love you, thanks to everyone. I hope that i made good shooting. "

 Giuseppe (Discover Sicily V)

"I joined some pretty well organised daytrips, seminars and group dinners during Discover Sicily V. The brothers were always available and caring, giving a friendly note to the group."

Antigoni (Discover Sicily V)

"Fun, fun, fun! The coolest way to visit a new place, while learning a lot of useful tricks about photography! I had the chance to get personalised advice, improve my skills and have a good time at the same time. I will definately do it again!"

Yiota (Discover Sicily V)

"One of the most beautiful experiences of my life. Thanks to each of the participants for the days full of smiles, the desire to know and to help each other.

Really thanks to Gabriele and Massi for the wonderful opportunity they give each time with these trips.

You can learn a lot of photography and humanity. "

 Cristina (Discover Sicily V)

"Great people and great experience! This was my first time in Sicily and I couldn't hope in a better experience.

I joined a wonderful group of people, we all learned from each other.. just wonderful!!!"

Rodolfo (Discover Sicily V)

"Sicuramente un'esperienza da rifare per molti punti di vista !!! Un progetto che ti lascia insegnamenti che superano qualsiasi barriera linguistica, come nell'edizione Discovery in Sicily V, è cresciuto il mio livello di inglese, ho appreso nuove tecniche di fotografia e imparato lezioni di vita che mi porterò sempre dentro. "

 Rossana (Discover Sicily V)

"Se ti piace viaggiare, fare nuove amicizie e ... soprattutto fotografare imparando e migliorandoti, let me italia you è l'organizzazione perfetta. Consiglio caldamente di partecipare alle prossime avventure!"

Rita (Discover Sicily V)

"This is my first time in Italy and I love it. Sicily was took my heart.

And this is my second time join with Letmeitalianyou and It was amazing experience, I met so many talented people and I learn about fotografer from Yan, and I wish I can join to the next project with them. "

 Aris (Discover Sicily V)

"Hi guys, I couldn't write before because I'm still in Sicilia looking for new adventures. Anyway, I'm not sure how to start, but this is my second project, and I decided to participate in it because in the first one I cross almost every shield I had. I'm a shy person but I never was in a situation like this, where no one knows you an the only way "to survive" it's being yourself. Letmeitalianyou give me the chance to grow up in someway. So I wasn't afraid this time in Sicilia because I knew I could try to be my best version again. Of course I'm still shy, but again I learn something new: not to judge so fast. Normally I don't or at least I think I don't but this time I was conscious about that And I'm saying this for many reasons but specially because at first I thought that the Italians more or less in this group were a little close to other people, but I don't know how I become one of them and they open their arms to me and we let us to be part to each other. Also I think I had the chance to speak with almost everybody, to know each other everyday a little bit more. That helps to be more confortable in the group and start to connect with others. Then it ends letting a kind of (positive) emptiness inside of you, because all what we felt in this travel we builded together and it was so beautiful! Tweens, I have to thank you again for creating projects like this because it's not just about photography it's about build new memories and families. It's amazing to feel this for a second time. And also thanks to Yan, because all your tipps were very useful, explained in a simple way. Teaching us how to look in to the simple and in to the details, and always open to help and listen. I really learnt a lot from you! In the end, this proyect become to a perfect combination. Thanks all for being part of this and staying in my life for a couple days. My second time in this project and I only can say: that's amazing! If you like travel, photography and you are brave enough to stay with people you don't know, I strongly recommend you that experience because you will learn, have fun and for me one of the most important things, you will build a new family."

 Marta (Discover Sicily V)

"Hello dears twins, thank you so much, I loved every moment, and special meet you again ❤. Sorry if I wasn't 100% my low back unfortunately, now i return my dairy rotines. I think when i will join again to another discovery, maybe next year, maybe Marrakech. You know your are in my heart ❤ keep going.!"

Maria Teresa (Discover Sicily V)

"I’m here at the airport waiting my flight... just wanted to say thank you to everybody! This was my third experience with the amazing group of Let me Italian you and my first time in Sicily! I’m sad writing this words, most of the others experiences that i had, because in this edition i found again my trip friend Houou , the helpful teacher Yan Pekar and the two models Anastasia and Adrianna that became part of my life... i wish you all to enjoy life and have a really nice future! Hope to see you again! A special GRAZIE to Massi and Gabri that gave me this big opportunity... travel, learn and meet new friends! Love you all...In 9 months: 3 different countries, more than 60 new friends, over 3000 pictures taken. This is Let me Italian you. You are like a drug: once you try you can’t stop using it!"

Fabrizio (Discover Sicily V)

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