"Had an amazing experience with the Let me Italian you!

It was wonderful discovering a beautiful city as Budapest with them." Andreia said.


What our participants said about their experiences in Discover Budapest



"I would recommend everybody (who has the photography passion or just want to travel) to make this experience. All the workshops we attended were so helpful for us and helped to open our mind a lot. The two guys are incredibly nice and it's impossible to feel bad with them. Without any kind of doubts it has been one of the best experiences (emotionally and photographically talking) of my life!!!"

Lucrezia (Discover Budapest 1)

"Ho partecipato a Discover Budapest ed è stata una bellissima esperienza sia a livello umano che formativo . Un'occasione per confrontarsi e incontrarsi con persone provenienti da diverse parti del mondo accomunate dalla passione per la fotografia e per il viaggio. Un'esperienza che consiglio di fare a tutti !!!

Gabriele e Massimiliano fantastici!!!"

Filomena (Discover Budapest 1)

"I took part in Discover Budapest project and I have to say it was a great experience! I had the chance to know a lot of interesting people and to experience different photographic situations. I liked in particular the fact that there were people with different photographic levels, and this is a good thing because it's an easy way of learning by exchanging advice and stories. To conclude, I would definitely recommend this kind of project!"

Laura (Discover Budapest 1)

"Taking part in Discover Budapest was a great experience for me. Not only did I meet wonderful people and spend splendid five days with them but I also discovered Budapest, had a chance to take lots of photos of the city and models, listened to professional photographers and see their work. I definitely recommend letmeitalianyou projects.

The twins organise them in a really professional way.

Keep it up, guys!"

Aleksandra (Discover Budapest 1)

"Professional workshops, great people and a wonderful new city!"

Maria Luisa (Discover Budapest 1)

It was a great experience to be a part of letmeitalianyou-group, to meet such valuable and talented people from whole the world, to have the opportunity to discover Budapest and to stay in touch with new friends in the future. I recomend twins- work with my whole heart.

Agnieszka (Discover Budapest 1)

"Ho partecipato a Discover Budapest I ed è un'esperienza che consiglio a tutti!

Complimenti a Gabriele e Massimiliano!"

Monica (Discover Budapest 1)

"Mi è stato proposto di partecipare a Discover Budapest con un gruppo di persone mai viste prima. È stata un po' una sfida, ma il risultato è stato meraviglioso.

Partire con Let me italian you è stata una delle scelte migliori che abbia mai fatto!

Ho conosciuto persone da tutte le parti con la quale ho stretto subito amicizia.

Condividere la propria passione per i viaggi e per la fotografia con così tanta gente aiuta a mettersi in gioco e a crescere.

Per non parlare del fatto che si impara molto non solo dai workshop, ma anche dagli altri partecipanti al progetto.

Sarei onorata e felicissima di poter partire per un'altra avventura con Massimiliano e Gabriele. Grazie!"

Elisabeth (Discover Budapest 1)

"Do you like photography? Do you like travel? Write to these guys! Great experience with the guys and friends. It was so funny to meet people from different countries. I'd like definitely repeat this great experience. many thanks to all."

Samantha (Discover Budapest I)

"Had an amazing experience with the Let me Italian you!

It was wonderful discovering a beautiful city as Budapest with them.

I learned about photography, had a first time shooting models and really enjoyed the experience.

Besides the learning process, i met some fantastic and friendly people, who i hope to see in the near future!

Hopefully, i will be part of a new adventure somewhere else!

Thank you so much Gabriele and Massimiliano, you were great!!"

Andreia (Discover Budapest II)

"Esperienza unica e indimenticabile con persone fantastiche! Grazie ai gemelli che ci hanno accompagnato in questa avventura meravigliosa! Da rifare..."

Giada (Discover Budapest II)


"Esperienza unica,felice di aver intrapreso questa avventura con voi! Ho scoperto posti fantastici e conosciuto persone meravigliose da tante città diverse,grazie gemelli per questo viaggio!

Ci vediamo alla prossima avventura!"

Chiara (Discover Budapest II)

"Had an amazing time exploring Budapest with great people. Although I live in Budapest it was still a new experience to see the old sites with new faces.

Hope to see you all again in the future!"

Charles (Discover Budapest II)

"I'm very pleased to gain such awesome experience with lovely people with the same passion who added value to the project Budapest II.

With compliments to the BEST TWINS EVER"

Gosia (Discover Budapest II)

"Excellent discovery of Budapest (edition 2) with Let me Italian you. Meeting interesting people, learning with workshops every day, spending good times together. I recommend them! Thank you guys!"

Ludivine (Discover Budapest II)

"Incredible experience to discover a city like Budapest, through photography with fantastic people, absolutely to do again. I learned about photography so much, while we were visiting new places together professional photographers and shooting the models in studio.

Thank you Massimiliano and Gabriele! You are the big planners with good ideas!

See you soon!"

Celia (Discover Budapest II)

"L'esperienza culturale e formativa che Let Me Italian You offre, è un'opportunità imperdibile che assicura bei ricordi a lungo termine. Ho partecipato a due delle loro edizioni, Barcellona e Budapest. Ciò che mi sorprende ogni volta è l'organizzazione, e la presenza di nuove e fantastiche persone. Grazie Massimiliano e Gabriele."

Arianna (Discover Budapest II)

"It was my first time to be a part of this kind of projects. Spend lot of time with good people, exploring new places and improving skills (of photography or English haha). It was amazing! Wanna say thank you soooooo much, guys, for this project. Hope to discover another countries with you!

See ya again"

Anastasiia  (Discover Budapest II)

"Ho partecipato alla seconda Edizione di Discover Budapest e ne sono rimasta davvero entusiasta! È un'esperienza unica: non si cresce solo dal punto di vista tecnico e artistico ma anche dal punto di vista umano. È bello poter condividere una passione insieme ad altre persone provenienti da ogni parte del mondo, in un luogo da conoscere tutti insieme. Ho conosciuto persone fantastiche, vissuto momenti bellissimi, tutto grazie a Massimiliano e Gabriele! Non vedo l'ora di partecipare al prossimo Discover!

Grazie di tutto!"

Cecilia (Discover Budapest II)

"When Gabriele wrote to me I was very skeptical at the beginning. But when I was in Budapest, for the project [discover budapest II] . It was the best decision I had do. It was a wonderful group with very nice people, very nice workshops. And I have take a lot of Photographer experience. Thank you for all this and we see us an other time."

Camille (Discover Budapest II)

"È stata la mia prima esperienza, un'esperienza che molti mi invidiano. Budapest è stata una rivelazione, non pensavo di trovarmi in un contesto così stimolante e suggestivo. Il progetto in se l'ho trovato ben organizzato. I workshop sono stati istruttivi e mi hanno dato la possibilità di sviluppare le mie capacitá. Vorrei poter partecipare ancora ad altre esperienze simili. Grazie per avermi dato questa possibilità."

Chiara (Discover Budapest III)

"Un grand merci pour m'avoir permis de découvrir Budapest, une belle aventure ma foi trop courte et à bientôt."

Antoine (Discover Budapest III)

"Ho partecipato a Discover Budapest III, è stata un'esperienza veramente emozionante! Tutte le attività sono state organizzate benissimo. Sono riusciti a legare due mie passioni: viaggiare e fotografare. Un grazie immenso a Gabriele e Massimiliano. Non vedo l'ora di partecipare ad un altro progetto! Grazie #letmeitalianyou."

Silvia (Discover Budapest III)

"I had so much fun and so many good memories in Discover Budapest 3 project! I highly recommend to travel and have nice adventure with these guys! #LetMeItalianYou you are the best!!!"

Aatu (Discover Budapest III)

"I recently took part in 'Discover Budapest III' and I have to say I enjoyed the experience very much. It was so great to meet so many photographers from all over the world and share our ideas and knowledge. The workshop in the studio was amazing, it was a completely new experience to me. All activities were organised really well. Massi and Gabriele have been very helpful ! I think what they're doing is really great, hats off to their projects! Can't wait to participate in another project ."

Cristiana (Discover Budapest III)

"Discover Budapest III" was definitely one of the best things that happened to me this year. I had a new amazing experience of shooting models both in a studio and outdoors and I tried new things I had never tried before like long exposure photography or abstract photography which were so much fun to do! The atmosphere was really friendly and I met awesome people from different countries and made great friends along the way. Visiting Budapest was my dream, but meeting photographers who share you passion and being able to share experience and learn something new from them is way better than just visiting a city as a tourist. Thank you, guys, for this amazing opportunity!"

Christina (Discover Budapest III)

"Ho partecipato a Discovery Budapest ed è stata una meravigliosa esperienza. Oltre visitare una città sotto un aspetto fotografico , abbiamo avuto anche opportunità di scattare in studio e in esterno con modelle. Siamo stati seguiti anche durante i workshop da professionisti i quali esprimevano il loro metodo di lavoro. Ringrazio i gemelli per l’esperienza passata, e anche le mie due compagne di viaggio."

Irene (Discover Budapest III)

"I've taken part in Discover Budapest III - it was an amazing experience! I do photography as a hobby and this experience helped me learn so much about my camera and how to be more creative. We met professional photographers who shared their knowledge with us which made this experience unique and also fun as it was my first time in Budapest and there's so much to see. I definetely recommend Let me Italian you to the photography lovers out there, you'll meet great people with great talents."

Joanna (Discover Budapest III)

"I'm so glad of this experience! It was so nice to share every knowledge with some of the nicest people i ever knew. I'm sure that there will be other possibility like this in the Next future."

Gabriele (Discover Budapest IV)

"After attending to Discover Budapest IV I'm happy with the experience. Days during the project are busy, but well organized. These projects are great way to meet new people with same interests and get new inspiration from them and new environment as well as from the workshops and photo shoots. "

Veera (Discover Budapest IV)

"One of the best photographic experice! I suggest you to take part at some of it. It's more than photography, you can improve your skills and create a new family too. There's a great humanity, beautiful people and a very good choice in place and location otherwhise in techers choise. It's for pro and starter photogrpher. Be a part of this great family once in your life!"

Gabriella (Discover Budapest IV)

"These events are more than just events. They can create a special mood, and help to get more friends. They also can help to explore and to improve your skills. I can say, I've got a new family! Everybody was kind! So don't be afraid and if you have an opportunity to be the part of this adventure then join! Don't be afraid from exploring the world. You will get a life-time adventure! Thanks to everyone!"

Gergo (Discover Budapest IV)

"It is a special experience that give the opportunity to improve yourself and to meet new people in the perfect frame of a wonderful city as Budapest is. Good people, good pictures and good moments."

Angelica (Discover Budapest IV)

"At first, I was quite skeptical when I received an email with an invitation to participate Discover Budapest IV. But now I am more than happy that I accepted this challenge. The organization was perfect, and maybe the most important- group of complete strangers become a family in a few days. So if you ever get a chance to be part of this adventure do not think twice. I promise you will not be disappointed."

Silver (Discover Budapest IV)

"Took part in Discover Budapest IV. A new city and new friends, all of us with the same passion. Thank you all for such a great experience. I learned new aspects of this world and I would like to take part in future projects. Can't forget!"

Elisabetta (Discover Budapest IV)

"Participated in discover Barcelona III and now Budapest IV. Both experiences were great, got to meet wonderful people, accomplished photographers. Friends from all over europe! Worth the trip, being surrounded by people with the same interest."

Linda (Discover Budapest IV)

"Participated in the Discover Budapest a few days ago and it was absolutely amazing! All the new people, the workshops, the photographing, let alone the beauty of the city - an awesome experience and great opportunity to improve your skills, be creative, make lots of new friends. It was so interesting to see the differences between all the photographers, but also to see what everyone has in common. I am so thankful to be part of this huge creative and international group! Thank you all for this! "

Antonia (Discover Budapest IV)

"Took part at the last budapest edition. Very interesting and a very beautiful experience."

Matteo (Discover Budapest IV)

"Discovering Budapest IV has been a great opportunity to meet and work with professional photographers and yet to have chance to improve your photographic skills, to learn how to change points of view both in photography and why not for life too!!! The organizers are fantastic everything they have done was simply perfect!!! Looking forward to being on the next project!!! It's worth it!!! Good work guys keep up with it!"

Daniela (Discover Budapest IV)

"Total perfect experience. Great professional people give you possibility to live some special days .. thanks for everything .. every moments its inside in our heart."

Matteo (Discover Budapest IV)

"I took part in Discovery Budapest IV and it was incredible! I had the opportunity to meet so many talented people, to work in studios with professional photographers and stunning models. I'm really glad for this and I can't wait to join this guys in new projects!"

Alessandra (Discover Budapest IV)

"Budapest 4, thanks for the opportunity twins, really interesting experience!

Hope to repeat!!"

Adriana (Discover Budapest IV)

"A few days ago I returned home with a huge luggage of impressions after visiting Budapest with LET ME ITALIAN YOU! Those 5 days passed in a flash. I miss every second, every minute, every moment that I spent with you: a cup of morning coffee with my Barcelona team (love u girls), long foto journeys around the city, fotosessions with models, the most pleasant evening time in the restaurants, our Bunnfie, morning trip to catch the rising sun and a lot of laughter. Many thanks to all participants for this unforgettable time. All these would be unreal without you Gabri and Massi. Thank you so much that you invited me to Budapest. You're great guys, you're the best.It's cool that you make it possible to reunion people of different ages and nationalities, who are united with one great passion - the passion of photography.You really make a great job!!! With all my heart I wish you success in your future "Discover ..." and hope to be part of it.

So, since the first moment I return home I'm waiting for your invitations to take part in your new projects, no matter where, but with you!!! 
Love you twins and all participants and really hope to see you again, again, & again in new cities."   

                          Anastasya (Discover Budapest I)

"Took part in Discover Budapest IV Really so Beautiful Unforgettable!"

Riccardo (Discover Budapest IV)

Discover Budapest was a super experience.

Gabriele and Massimiliano really know how to organize a travel photography program with maximum professionalism. The workshops were all interesting and the other people in the group were a pleasure to meet and collaborate with.

The organization of each day was perfectly coordinated, interesting but never over-scheduled. I hope to participate in another Discover program soon. Where will you take me next, twins?"

Sarah (Discover Budapest I)

"Discover Budapest was an amazing experience. The guys and the project are incredible.

Extremly recommended!"

Nicoletta (Discover Budapest I)

"I had great times and learned a lot from the event. I am glad to meet and know many people from different backgrounds and nationally.

The twins are very helpful and very kind.

I am going to participate for next project!"

Andrei (Discover Budapest V)

"Partipated to Discover Budapest V and had an amazing experience .

Highly recommended to everyone who loves photography (pro & amateurs) and travelers all around the world.

A practical way for learning ph. and traveling! I will probably take part to other future projects with these guys ! Thanks & a big hug to everyone !"

Andrei (Discover Budapest V)

"At first I wasn’t sure about the project, but all that disappeared once I ve arrived in Budapest and meet the group. If you want to get out of your comfort zone and your looking for some inspiration this is the project you should pick.

They keep you busy but allows you to be you, for me it was like a little summer camp where I ve learned stuff unknowingly for which I am very grateful and had a lot of fun with my “35%” grup ( little inside joke) thanks for the opportunity and hope too see you again !"

Nicolae(Discover Budapest V)

"2 days after my arrival from the educational trip to Budapest, I feel that now it’s good time to give my last thoughts about this whole experience. Joy and sadness are the two main feelings co-existing in me now. Joy, as from this trip I benefited a great deal. I finally made my first steps in photography (something that I always wanted), I discovered the city of Budapest and most importantly I met 23 special people.

Among those 23 special people are my two mentors Gabriele and Massimiliano Ragusa who I would like to once again thank for giving me the opportunity to be part of this event and part of their photographic community. Thank you guys!

There is a little bit of sadness, because this magical and fruitful trip has already ended. However, as I am concluding my review the thought that there are a lot more #Letmeitalianyou events coming up brings a smile to my face !!"

Charalambos (Discover Budapest V)

"Yesterday was the last day of my first trip with the team of Let Me Italian You in Discover Budapest. It was an excellent experience , not even close to what i imagined, i learned tons of new things , photography tips and made great new friends.

The coordinators , Massimiliano and Gabriele Ragusa, made sure that everything was organised and well planned, up to the finest detail.

Through this experience i had the chance to see the city with their eyes, with a whole new perspective and fresh ideas. I had the time of my life , i would definitely recommend this to everyone.

Can't wait for the next trip with these guys!"

Stavri (Discover Budapest V)

""Discover Budapest" have got me the opportunity to really really discover this beautiful city. I've been there 4 years ago, but thank to the magical twins I've saw it with new eyes, I have caught new details.

Great workshops, really interesting, that have taught me a new way to see the world and to think my photos. Really really thank you, guys. A great expereance!"

Maddalena (Discover Budapest V)

"Also I’d like to thank everyone for these days spent together, i found some fantastic people with I would never imagined to become good friends with a short time! I felt immediately in a big family as we had know each other for a long time!

 I came home sad because everything passed too quickly but with my heart full of joy! I bring you all with me! I hope to see you soon, love you guys!

 Thank you all, special thanks to the magic twins"

Veronica (Discover Budapest V)

"Thanks to my fav magical twins!! I grew up thanks to this project I’ve learned many things and I’ve seen new beautiful places. I’ve broked down my limits and my fears. I’m so proud of me thanks to you!

I hope to take part in other projects  THANK YOU!!"

Jessica (Discover Budapest V)

"Last week I was in Budapest. Last week i started out with a group of strangers.

Now I’m at home.

Now they are a group of my friend. In just 4 days we bonded so well, I wanna thank everyone: starting the organisers Gabriele Letmeitalian Ragusa e Massimiliano Ragusa, magnificent work.

I want to tell everyone that I enjoyed and loved every moment with you, I hope we are going to meet again and keep in touch!

If you need help, you know I'll be here!

Even better in another Let me Italian you project!"

Federico (Discover Budapest V)

"Ho già avuto il piacere di partecipare al progetto tenuto in Polonia due anni fa, quest'anno finalmente ho potuto partecipare ad un altro concorso organizzato da voi in un altra splendida città (che non conoscevo) come Budapest, esperienza bellissima, oltre a conoscere una città nuova in giro per l'Europa, torno molto più arricchito fotograficamente parlando, grazie alle possibilità e alle collaborazioni che voi ci mettete a disposizione con professionisti del settore che ci guidano durante l'arco dei giorni passato insieme a voi! Esperienza splendida che consiglio ad ogni appassionato/professionista nel campo della fotografia! Esperienza da provare sicuramente"

Alessandro (Discover Budapest V)

"”Discover Budapest” was the most intense and excitind photography experience.

For four days I was surrounded by people who loved to appreciate everything that surrounds them through photography, each of them appreciating by their own perspective.

In this way, you learn to appreciate things you have never noticed before, or consider them to be of no importance. Thank you all!"

Simion (Discover Budapest V)

"It's been one of the best experiences of my life, so far. Amazing people, amazing places and of course amazing photography ideas! I feel the need to travel again soon, because being with you all seemed like being with friends or family! I truly recommend an experience like that: it changes you, for good. I'll miss you all!"

Francesca (Discover Budapest VI)

"Wonderful experience..lovely people and intresting tips about photography..the atmosphere was amazing expecially in the group.

Great opportunity!"

Silvia (Discover Budapest VI)

"Amazing experience!

The best way to join the passions of travel and photography.

The project is well organized and let you to visit the city, meet new people and have fun!!"

Paolo (Discover Budapest VI)

"A big thanks to Let me Italian you that organised this fantastic project and giving the possibility to discover the city of Budapest. A big thanks also to all the people that joined the project for sharing their passion and knowledges. Can't wait to take part in another of yours projects. Thank you for the amazing experience!"

Paolo (Discover Budapest VI)

"Questi giorni insieme a voi saranno impossibili da dimenticare.. Grazie per le tante emozioni, per aver avuto la possibilità di condividere le mie più grandi passioni ovvero la fotografia e i viaggi, per le tante risate sane, per avermi permesso di imparare cose nuove riguardo alla fotografia e per gli affetti che sono nati!

A presto ragazzi|

Fiera di far parte di #letmeitalianyoufamily!"

Emine (Discover Budapest VI)

"A project that combines two passions for me: photography and traveling.

A great way to try yourself in new genres, like shooting in studio with the models or street photography.

Many new friends. Fresh impressions and emotions.

So, can't wait to go to another project!"

Marina (Discover Budapest VI)

"I just came back from my first discover in Budapest, and I can surely say that it has been a wonderful experience. I met lovely people, and I learned new things about photography... I can't wait to do it again.

 I miss all of you!

See you around the world"

Isabella (Discover Budapest VI)

"Appena tornata da Budapest L’unico “contro” di questo viaggio è che è durato troppo poco!

Una bellissima esperienza, porto a casa nuove amicizie, tante foto, tante risate tra i vari workshop e shooting. Sono state giornate intense, piene di emozioni Assolutamente da rifare!

Grazie Gabri e Massi!

5 giorni che porterò nel cuore !"

Federica (Discover Budapest VI)

"Sono partita per Budapest con un po’ di incertezze riguardo al progetto (in fondo la mia scelta si era basata solo sulle recensioni di estranei, e non avevo mai sentito parlare di Let me Italian you prima che Gabriele mi contattasse su Ig)... ebbene, sono felicissima di essermi buttata! È stata una splendida esperienza, ho conosciuto tante persone con la mia stessa passione e scoperto una città incredibile. I ragazzi, poi, sono carinissimi e ben organizzati, e i workshop/visite guidate sono stati completamente soddisfacenti. Assolutamente consigliato!"

Laura (Discover Budapest VI)

""Prendete la vita con leggerezza, che leggerezza non è superficialità, ma planare sulle cose dall'alto, non avere macigni nel cuore!"
Budapest è stata leggerezza, è stata amicizia e anche famiglia, è stata passione, stanchezza,Tachipirina. E alla fine è stata pure sangria.

Grazie ai Twins per avermi dato di nuovo la possibilità di vivere 4 gironi meravigliosi con loro. Grazie a tutti i ragazzi che ho conosciuto che hanno contribuito a rendere questa esperienza fantastica. 

E grazie alle mie compagne di stanze!"

Camilla (Discover Budapest VI)

"Viaggio splendido a Budapest, organizzato bene interessantissimi e molto utili workshop e shooting. un’esperienza che consiglio a chiunque ha la fotografia e i viaggi come passione.

Gabri e Massi fantastici siete davvero dei ragazzi speciali! A prestissimo!!"

Roberta (Discover Budapest VI)

Recentemente ho partecipato a Discover Budapest VI. Grazie a questo viaggio ho lavorato con grandi fotografi, ho visitato una città che non avevo mai visto con una guida molto preparata e ho conosciuto persone fantastiche, con cui spero di restare sempre in contatto.

Sono felice di aver partecipato e lo consiglio a tutti! Un grazie particolare a Massimiliano e Gabriele per questa fantastica esperienza, non vedo l’ora di partire per un nuova avventura!"

Federica (Discover Budapest VI)

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