Who can apply?

All photography lovers. It is not required a professional level.

How can I apply?

 In order to select the most suitable profiles, candidates have to send: CV + Portfolio with 5 photos, that better show your photography style.

To apply, send an email to: letmeitalianyou@gmail.com & info@letmeitalianyou.com

       Only 20 places available     

   Currently available: 0

Deadline: 6th December 2018



DATES:from 7th March 2019 to 10th March 2019

WHERE: Budapest, Hungary


  • Accomodation in Budapest at Wombat's City Hostel www.wombats-hostels.com/budapest
  • Breakfast & Private Bathroom
  • Guided Tour of Budapest in English 
  • 3 Photography Workshops
  • 1 Shooting with models
  • International Attendance Certificate
  • 2 Team Leaders



  • Learn to work in an international team.
  • Workshop "Lifestyle Photography" lead by Adrienn Örkényi 
  • Workshop "Urban Photography" lead by Isabel Val
  • Workshop "Collecting City" lead by Isabel Val
  • Workshop "Lifestyle Photography " lead by Noémi Jánossy & Simon Péter
  • Shooting with local models
  • 20 photos published by Let me Italian you
  • International Contest
  • Award by National Geographic Hungary
  • International Visibility
  • International Experience

Partners of


After the great success of the first five editions, Let me Italian you is proudly ready to launch the sixth edition of DISCOVER BUDAPEST, with wonderful news!

SPECIAL EDITION! Exclusively for this edition, the project has the prestigious support of National Geographic Hungary: participants will see one of their photos taken in Budapest selected and published on the official website of one of the most prestigious magazines in the world! A unique opportunity to enrich your baggage and portfolio.
Read the article written by National Geographic Hungary about it: http://www.ng.hu/Channel/2018/11/18/Kulonleges-fotopalyazat-indul-Budapesten

DISCOVER BUDAPEST is an innovative project with a purpose to make the participants have a professional experience for those who love photography and video making

The main goal of the project is to valorise and promote the magic city of Budapest,Hungary, trough photos, reportage, videos made by photographers (amateurs and not) from different places of the world. DISCOVER BUDAPEST wants to enrich the professional and academic path of the photographer, moreover it wants to enrich their portfolio.

DISCOVER BUDAPEST is supported by Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest.

The tour of the Old Town is organized in collaboration with Zsuzsanna Virag, a local guide, who knows all the sights of Budapest and will take you on a guided tour. Furthermore, agenda will be enriched with the visit of the most beautiful sites:  Heroes Square,  Fisherman's Bastion, Vajdahunyad Castle, Margaret island, Buda Castle.

In order to improve the participants’ professional and academic skills, there will be  four workshops :

  1. Workshop "Urban Photography"  lead by the photographer Isabel Val 
  2. Workshop "Fashion Photography " lead by  Adrienn Örkényi  in a professional studio
  3. Workshop "Collecting City" lead by the photographer Isabel Val
  4. Workshop "Lifestyle Photography " lead by  Noémi Jánossy & Simon Péter 


Further, there will be an Outdoor Shooting  with local models in the stunning location of the Fisherman's Bastion.


How is DISCOVER BUDAPEST - Special Edition organized and what is its output?

The role of the participant is to take photos of Budapest’s beauties during each guided tours. You will work alone or in pairs (your fellow could be one your friend). The project lasts 4 days. 

Here you are the agenda:

Thursday 7 March

09:30 – 10:00 Opening & Welcoming to Discover Budapest

10:00 – 12:00 Old Town Budapest Visit with Zsuzsanna Virag

15:00 – 17:30 Workshop "Collecting the city" with Isabel Val  

Friday 8 March

10:00 – 12:30  Workshop "Fashion Photography​" with Adrienn Örkényi 

15:00 - 17:30  Workshop "Urban Photography" with Isabel Val 

Saturday 9 March

10:00 – 12:00 Outdoor Shooting with local models at the Fisherman's Bastion

15:00 – 17:00  Workshop "Lifestyle Photography​" with Noémi Jánossy & Simon Péter 

Sunday 10 March

10:00 – 12:30  Visit of Heroes Square, Vajdahunyad Castle with Zsuzsanna Virag

12:30 – 13:00  Issue of Attendance certificates and Good bye


At the end of the project, each participant shall receive an Attendance certificates signed by the Let me Italian you team and all its partners: Italian Cultural Institute in Budapest, Isabel Val,Adrienn Örkényi.

Plus, in order to bring more visibility to the work done during the project, each participant will submit 20 photos with their credits to Let me Italian you and one of the photos will be published by the Facebook page of Daily News Hungary (30K followers) and by Daily magyar (20K followers) plus from our official Instagram account @letmeitalianyou and Flickr account Let me Italian you.






In collaboration with 







My name is Emine, I am 23 years old and I come from Sardinia.

My greatest passion is photography, I could never live without it. I love to travel and discover the many wonders that this world reserves us.

I would like to thank the organizers of this event for allowing me to combine the things I love to do more.

What an emotion!



Hi I'm 35 years old Italian,living in France.

I'm simply a life lover passionnate of whatever can enrich me intellectually  and physically: I love dance, music,running, and since last year l've been practicing photography which allows me to express my true and creative personnality.

I've partecipated in Discover Krakow 11


Hi! I’m Isabella, a 23 years-old girl, based in Genova (Liguria), a beautiful Italian city.

I began to love photography as a child. This passion allows me to escape from the everyday reality. Since two years, I decided to work harder on my skills and I would love to become a professional photographer… and maybe to travel around the world. 


My name is Valentine I am 21 years old I come from Colombia but I live in Switzerland since my early age.


I've finished my studies as a multimedia designer. My favorites activities are taking picture, filming, editing and I am also very passionate about cinema.


I like to read and write as well and I play the piano. I like to meet new people and my favorites topic in photography is portrait.


I've partecipated in Discover Krakow 11.


Hi, my name is Anna and I'm 20.

Photography helped me to express myself in the best way possible, it makes me feel ready to see the world and it keeps me openminded wherever I go.

I find really difficult to write this few lines because I don't know what to say but "my photographs talk more about me than myself".

I've partiecipated in Discover Barcelona 1.


I'm Camilla, 25 years old, from Italy. I study History of art at the University of Florence.
I'm in love with photography since i received my first camera at the age of 8 years old.
I've participated in Discover Barcelona 7.
I'm really excited to visit Budapest  for the first time and to meeting you all!


Hello, my name is Maria Rodrigues and I'm a 45 year old Portuguese sailor, living in Norway.

I've newly discovered my passion about photography and I love the process of learning. I take pictures of anything I find interesting. I love to travel, nature, sports and music.

I'm really excited about this event in Krakow and hope to learn new things about photography, meet new people and widen my horizon.

I've participated in Discover Krakow 12.

I'm not good with words and to me, to take good photos it isn't enough just to see the best moment of things, you also need to know how to put the feelings you have for it into the camera. It's the way I try to explain myself and what I feel about life.

I've participated in Discover Barcelona 6 and Discover Krakow 11.




Hi! My name is Paolo and I’m 21 years old.                                                                                                                                

I study Photography at Academy of Fine Arts in Brescia, Italy. I love travelling, cinema, books and art.       

I’d like to work as fashion photographer or reporter. I’m glad to join “Discover Budapest” this year because it’s a great opportunity to visit the city, take photos and meet you all.

See you soon!


Hi all! I am Magda and nature photography, especially botanical photography, is my passion. I live in Poland near Warsaw and travel a lot to find best frames and most exciting landscapes: in Poland, in Ukraine, in Sweden, in Slovakia and in other countries. Now - it will be Sicily! And everywhere I go, paying a visit to the local botanical garden or arboretum are on highest prio, with my camera cocked and ready. In the meantime, I teach biology at the Faculty of Biology, Warsaw University.

I've partecipated in Discover Sicily 2 & Discover Marrakech 1.

more are coming soon....

Hi, my name is Federica, I am 20 years old and I came from Brescia, a city in Lombardy (Italy).

I study photography at LABA, Brescia’s Academy of Fine Arts. I began to love photography thanks to my mother who transmitted it to me since I was very young. Now photography helps me to express myself and the way I see the world.

I love traveling and discovering new places and cultures. I hope that my passion can become my job. I can’t wait to visit Budapest and to participate in this experience.



Federica was born in Acquapendente.

Since she was a child she has been attracted by nature and animals, and she has approached life and photography following her instinct.

This characteristic allows her to make every detail unique.

Her works represent the expression of her being and communicate the desire to reflect what is in her heart into the eyes of the observers.


My name is Milkica and I'm 25 years old.

I live in Banjaluka, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

My hobbies are reading books, photography, traveling and exploring new places.

Last three are the reason why I decided to take part in this project.

Besides, I've never been to Budapest so I'm looking forward to traveling there, seeing the city and meeting new people.


I like watching the world with the filter of my words of my emotions and with the image of my photos!

I am Roberta, I am 29 years old and I live in Milan, my city of primary inspiration. I love traveling and anywhere I bring smartphone and camera pen paper.

It's the first time that I participate in the project and I can not wait to share my emotions and my photos with you! Thank you so much for the opportunity!


My name is Carmela, I am 33 years old, I was born in Puglia but now I live in Milan with Bologna in my heart.

Love the colours, follow the light, paint the moment. That's almost all that photography means to me. I'm used to walk into the image before the shoot, 'cause I want to discover the "why" beside the "what".

I'm also focused on the "when": the photography is an action spent in time, the time of a kiss, a fly, a dance, a simple move that reveals the inner armony of the world.

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